Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chaotic September and Brief Update!

Well damn...This month has been a real bitch to me so far. As you may already know if you read any of my previous stuff, I am chronically ill. As of late, I've been in and out of the hospital because I've been having some very dangerous symptoms, including trouble breathing and loss of consciousness. Of course, every time I went to the hospital or doctor, they had no idea what the Hell has been going on with me. I've spent a combined total of 6 days in the hospital and that is just for this month alone! I really hope this doesn't keep up during October, which is the month of my birthday. I tend to be ill a lot on my birthdays; this has gone on ever since I was a little girl though, so it isn't anything new.

Due to this sudden onset of dangerous symptoms, I took a brief hiatus from everything, including my Edenfantasys reviews and updating this blog. I am currently trying to rectify that little issue. I am currently working on two reviews that I should have posted sometime next week. It all really depends on my health and whether or not I am not practically brain dead from the heavy duty painkillers I have to take. My medications and my medical conditions make it very hard for me to quickly write reviews which depresses me quite often. I'd appreciate it that once I have my reviews posted, you guys will check them out. Hell, check out my older reviews! You can find them at the bottom of my blog via the widget that has my Edenfantasys.com information on it.

I decided to also include a brief update about things I am planning to do soon:

I am trying to buy a damn digital camera for my birthday. Yes, that is correct I do not own a camera at all an d I haven't owned one in years. It's so terrible, because there's lots of memories I wanted to capture, but had no camera to really do it. Plus, once I get my camera, I would like to start including images for my Edenfantasys reviews, along with interesting images for my blog. Some may not be safe for work, but we'll cross that bridge once we get there!

I also am planning on getting some piercings done! For a long time, I've wanted my nipples pierced, but due to being in a religious home and not having any outside connections, I have no way of getting it done. Not to mention, my money gets obliterated by my medical expenses. My money is also monitored by my parents, because, well, they like keep me as their little girl forever I suppose. I don't think they realize that I'm 24 going on 25 yet. With my illness, I feel more like a 60 year old woman, though...My sister agreed to take me to the tattoo and piercing shop for my birthday next month, but I will have to get a piercing that my parents won't really flip out over. (Nose piercing). I'm hoping that I will have enough money to get my nose and my nipples pierced. It would be suspicious of me to go to a piercing shop and come back with less money and no visible piercings; my parents would interrogate the Hell out of me and find out about it. I don't know how the Hell they would react to it, and it will most likely be negatively. They'd probably call me some sort of demonic slut and I may get actually hit for it...I don't know, I'm afraid to find out what would happen. Regardless, one day I will get my nipples pierced because it's something I wanted to do for a very long ass time.

I will also be writing a review on a really nice shower cap that I got from Edenfantasys.com. Look out for that review really soon!

That's pretty much all I have to say for the time being, so I hope everyone is doing much better than I am right now!

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